5 Reasons You Should Switch to Sustainable Fashion ASAP

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Sustainable Fashion ASAP

"Sustainable Fashion" is the buzzword doing around on social media these days. Your favorite influencer is supporting it, the celebrity you profoundly follow constantly grams about it. But why the hell do you need sustainable fashion, you may ask? 

Well, Organic Vibes is here to explain, -

1. You will help the planet


The fashion industry is the second-largest pollutant after the oil and gas industry, so eco-friendly fashionistas have been advocating for a more sustainable way of dressing up. And that's where sustainable fashion comes up -  it refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, and processed byways that are environmentally friendly.

It most simply means, "A kind of fashion that can make you look good without damaging the planet". 


2. You Can Be Yourself


Today's fashion is getting to be all about trends and fads. But deep down inside, you know that you don't want to be that person. Owning quality pieces will ensure that you can get a chance to develop your unique sense of style eventually. All we want to say is that Shackets might be ruling Instagram, but you will really get no chance at it more than allocating a corner for it in your closet. 


3.You Will Look like A Diva 


The most common question that we, as sustainable fashion flag bearers, get is - "But isn't sustainable fashion a bit bland?"

Organic Vibes's Answer - No! It doesn't need to be. Developing an aesthetic sense that has been, made ethically has nothing to do with this common notion. But for your assurance, we are providing you some of the reference pictures of sustainable fashion that we have at Oyeshop and you can decide for yourself.


4.Pocket Friendly

Pocket Friendly fashion Organic Sustainable Women Flowers Clothes


You might have often heard people say "It must be good but dude, it's so expensive and I don't want to give away my savings for saving the earth. I just want to look good."

Organic Vibes's Answer - " But you can do both because we have a very reasonable bracket. We also have budget-friendly fit-in accessories at Oyeshop that will accentuate your outfit. We have remarkable pieces under the range of 2k "


5. Good for the people
Handloom Weavers sustainable Fabric fashion waste livelihood traditional craft india


Fast fashion has kept the cost of clothing down at the cost of low pay, poor working conditions, lesser livelihood opportunities in developing and under-developed countries. By switching to ethically made brands, you ensure that the clothing you choose to spend your money on hasn’t taken advantage of workers or used child labor.


6. Helping the traditional crafts sustainOrganic Vibes Handloom in India Weavers

Most of the weavers, artists, and craftsmen aren’t credited enough for their artistic and cultural contributions. Frequent changes in the fashion and clothing industry haven’t allowed these workers to pace up with their designs and creativity. They struggle to put their products in the right market because of various socio-economic and digital drawbacks. So, you still don’t think you are privileged enough to help these crafts sustain?

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